April 6, 2012

thats's what she said.....

this is another two month long auction! so come on in to QB during April and May, fall in love with some art, and bid till it hurts.....for a really incredible organization.... let's thank Courtney's House for all that they do

 here's the line-up:

Lynda Sherman and Leigh Riibe collaboration letterpress poster (click the link to see their blog post about this work and more)....quote by Jude Miqueli 

 "Women and Elephants Never Forget"- Dorothy Parker
   drawing by Jessie Frances

 mixed media painting by Ryan Erev

 mixed media collage by Kelsey Smith- "Knit For Fun and Profit"

 mixed media by Rhett Thomas Nelson

two embroidered pieces by Hannah Quaintance
"Pee Pie"


 linoleum block print by Charlie Laroux

 watercolor painting by Leif Lee

 "I'm Proper"- painted plate by Amy Travers

 oil painting by Roni Moran-"#76"

 "Iphis and Neotni"- drawings by Neotni McNett

 drawing by Amanda Atkins

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